Star Wars: The Lost Force

This was a collaborative piece I created with one of my roommates. We worked to produce a complete game script for a fictional game set in the Star Wars universe, including gameplay sections, NPC conversations, Barks, item descriptions, menus, character bios, story recall systems, and narrative pathing techniques. My role was to script quest lines, write NPC conversations, and to edit the entire script.

The story is set 40 years after the events of Return of the Jedi,  and follows a young padawan who stumbles upon a mysterious, ancient droid. The droid springs to life and triggers a series of events that soon has both the Neo Sith and the New Jedi Order hot on their trail as it is revealed the droid can negate the powers of the Force.

The game is designed to be 2-player co-op with one player controlling the padawan and the other the droid. Both have unique skill sets and are able to interact with each other in a variety of ways. To create this script, we put many hours of research into the Star Wars universe to make sure the story would fit in with the canon of the series while still being fresh and exciting.

Script samples:

Script Opening

Saving the villagers

Saving the Villagers Cont...

fan service can never hurt.

fan service can never hurt.