Sasquatch: Photobomber


Sasquatch must photobomb unsuspecting tourists as fast as he can in order to reaffirm his existence to the skeptical world.

Spring 2013 Class Project (In Alpha)

  • Team: Evan and the Whale Hunters – The Game Studio at Champlain College
  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360 (Microsoft Kinect required)
  • Team Size: 5
  • Production Time: 4 Months (January 2013 – April 2013)
  • Tools Used: Unity 3D, Zigfu, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush
  • Position: Lead Systems Designer, 2D Artist, Assistant Environment Artist

My Contributions

  • Designed scoring system
  • Designed “Disguise” and “Distraction” mechanics
  • Designed the UI
  • Created menu art
  • Helped with creation of concept.
  • Created many of the environment assets

Sasquatch: Photobomber set out to be a game that would provide not only a good dose of humor, but also capitalize on the Microsoft Kinect hardware: an oft overlooked device amongst the Champlain College game development community.


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The player controls Sazz Archibold Squatch, more commonly known as Sasquatch. One day, our hero is surfing the internet and is astonished to discover that no one believes he is real anymore. He springs into action using the only method he knows: being photographed. Sazz’s plan? Photobomb as many tourists’ photos as possible, before he is discovered by Sasquatch Hunters, without scaring them away. It’s a wild romp through the woods that will keep players smiling.


Disguises help Sazz blend in with the crowd.

The overall goal of the game is to bomb as many photos as possible, using the Kinect, within a time limit to gain points. Primary gameplay involves moving though the environment and hiding to avoid detection, all while stopping at photo-op spots. At these spots, the Kinect takes over, and the player can strike a pose that Sazz will mimic on-screen, allowing for the most hilarious photobombs possible.


“I’ve been had!”

The NPCs have icons over their heads that indicate their “Sasquatch Awareness levels.” If Sazz is seen, the NPC flees the area and points are lost. Sazz is cunning, though, and can acquire silly disguises that will prevent detection for a short amount of time. In addition, he can plant foot prints in soft dirt to throw Sasquatch Hunters off his trail and gain a few seconds of time.


Fooling the Sasquatch Hunters.

Sasquatch: Photobomber features simple controls that children can quickly master and levels that offer many hiding spots to allow the player to wait for the best time to leap into a shot. All photos taken are saved for later so players can see their favorite photobombs at any time in the future. With Sazz’s goofy expression and funny disguises, players of all ages are sure to laugh alongside the fuzzy myth. Or is he?

Visual Design Doc

Visual, single page design documentation


-RPI GameFest 2013

Sasquatch: Photobomber was present at GameFest 2013 exhibition alongside another Junior game and five Senior contest entries from Champlain College. While the presented alpha build did not win any awards, only being in the exhibition, many event-goers stopped by the stall to play the game, expressing enjoyment in the game and the concept.

"This needs to be on the Xbox Arcade!" ~Visceral Recruiter

Recruiters having fun with the alpha.