GDC: Gross Death Conference

This is a short script created for the fictional game, GDC: Gross Death Conference. Set at a GDC event in the near future, survival horror game studio, Necrotek, unleashes the zombie apocalypse onto an unsuspecting audience in the hopes of creating the most realistic zombie game ever. One man finds himself stuck in the middle of this mess with a mysterious guide on the radio as his ally.

This required that I use professional formatting for the document, include character profiles, NPC Barks, item descriptions, and the like to form a complete script. The feeling of this script is intended to be “campy” comedy with slightly darker undertones, as Joe, the reluctant hero, follows the instructions of the rather self-absorbed voice of Oculus.

Script Sample:

The relationship between Occulus and Joe is a strained one.

The relationship between Oculus and Joe is a strained one.