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Evan Tetreault                                                                                                                                                     

Cell: 802-324-9645

7 Leclair Ave

Apt. C

Winooski, VT 05404


Diverse leadership experience:

  • Played the role of Lead Designer and Lead Artist for a variety of student game productions.
  • Played role of Producer for a variety of game productions.
  • Assistant Manager at a popular convenience store/deli.
  • Adjunct Professor at Champlain College.

Experience with team-oriented projects:

  • Produced several games with a small team using Scrum.
  • Worked with a small team of professionals to develop a published licensed game.
  • Previous work experience in college writing center.

Languages: Capable in Javascript, and C#. Basic level Python and Action Script 3.

Software: Highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. Proficient in Autodesk Maya, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, version control with Subversion, and Unity 3D. Moderate understanding of UDK, Logic Pro, Adobe After Effects, Sketchup, and Zbrush. Skilled in navigating Microsoft Windows and OSX operating systems.

Project Development Skills:

  • Game Experience: Played games of many genres for 20 years. Favorite genres include action, adventure, RPG, First-Person Shooter,and puzzle. Regularly play games such as The Legend of Zelda, Portal, Borderlands, Minecraft, Pokémon, and Open to trying all variety of games on any platform.
  • Abilities & Skills: Able to balance multiple responsibilities, enjoy group work, embrace new experiences, well organized, attention to detail, good with taking direction, able to get along with a variety of personalities, strong written and oral communication skills, adaptive, flexible, team player, deal well with stress, and possess critical thinking/analysis skills. A passion for gaming. Adept in 2D art and 3D modeling.
  • Personality: Friendly, hardworking, enthusiastic, energetic, easy to get along with, charismatic, outgoing, comedic, integrate fluidly into new teams, creative thinker, persevering, set high standards for self, unwaveringly optimistic, curious, and open-minded. A good sense of humor is a necessity in life.


  • QA Tester, Fall 2010 – Spring 2014:

Bug tested and play tested a variety of games as an underclassman for senior games. Experienced in documenting bugs and using online repositories.


  • Words That Go: With Richard Scarry’s Busytown Cars, Artist, Designer, Summer 2013:

A licensed mobile game for young children with the aim of teaching basic spelling, using the wacky vehicles of Richard Scarry’s Busytown™. My role as an artist was to render, clean, enhance, and redraw scanned Richard Scarry art and animate them, along with creating UI art. I also assisted on the design elements regarding what words to use, car order, and difficulty options and creating the art pipeline.

Team Size: 8         Platform: iOS using XCode


  • VXT, Lead Designer, Fall 2013-Spring 2014:

A speed platformer with some minor puzzle elements that challenges the player to beat themselves as they hone their skills. My role as the lead designer included, but was not limited to, creating the core mechanics, working with the rest of the designers to keep a cohesive vision, working on the score system, level design, documentation, and talking with the artists and engineers about the game’s direction.

Team Size: 20         Platform: PC using Unity 3D


  • Pizza! Fast!, Lead Artist, Designer, Dec 2014-Sep 2015:

Make pizzas, fast! Race against the clock to read incoming receipts and find the right toppings! My role was that of lead artist and a designer. I was the primary source for visual assets. I created a style guide that informed the visuals for the GUI, character art, backgrounds, toppings, and more, developing custom Photoshop actions to allow all team members to quickly produce congruent and high-quality assets regardless of artistic level.

Team Size: 5         Platform: iOS using Unity 3D


Champlain College, Burlington, VT

Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Game Design

Graduated May 2014

  • GPA of 3.85
  • Studied abroad in Montreal 2012 Fall term
  • Graduated top of division with Academic Excellence Award
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude


Champlain College of Vermont

Burlington, VT

Adjunct Professor of Game Design                                                  Sep 2015 – May 2016

  • Taught freshman level course, Visual Communications for Game Designers. Focused student learning on the basics of typography, color theory, elegant design, and the clear, concise presentation of their designs.
  • Taught sophomore and junior level game development classes, which focused on creating original games from scratch while learning team management skills, scrum, and how to critically evaluate ideas along with giving and receiving critique. Learning how to integrate and work with a group of relative strangers was vital for success.
  • Taught a variety of development tools and techniques, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, flow charts, gray boxing levels, mind maps, visual design documents, version control, and feedback loops.
  • Worked with students’ specific needs and talents to push them to their limits and create their best work possible, offered regular constructive criticism and compliments to polish their skills.

Seven Layer Studios LLC.

Winooski, VT

Lead Artist, Designer, Co-Founder                                                   Aug 2014 –  Present

  • Co-founded indie studio with alumni peers with the goal of creating games that are fun to play AND watch, while offering a particular emotive experience.
  • Created style guides to inform the rest of the team on how the games should look in order to best present the vision at hand, teaching different members how to create certain assets.
  • Worked with the core design team to make the experiences more elegant and intuitive, offering narrative input, feedback, and mechanical suggestions.

Learning Touch LTD.

Montpelier, VT

Artist, Designer                                                   April 2013 – August 2013

  • Created an art pipeline for rendering, cleaning, and enhancing art assets in a quick and easy manner. Helped design UI and gameplay for new concepts. Created graphic designs for marketing.
  • Required great communication skills and the ability to learn quickly when problem solving with other team members. In addition, required ability to work efficiently to producing quality content while largely self-guided.
  • Worked within set deadlines to meet strict production goals.