Igor’s Revenge (Level)


This is a Half -Life 2 map mod created in Hammer. This is the first of three levels in a short game about Igor, whose first-ever girlfriend has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Frankenmug to be used as an experiment, and his journey to save her from his evil clutches.

Team Size: 1

Tools Used: Hammer Editor

Dev Time: 2.5 Weeks

Constructing the prison cells

Constructing the prison cells

The level begins with the player trapped in a dark cell, with no obvious way out. With a little exploring the player finds a small tunnel behind some crates that connects to the adjacent cell. However, that cell is also locked. Luckily there is a hole in the wall high above the cell door, so using the previously obstructing crates as stairs, the player can climb up and escape from the prison.

I didn’t want to make the escape from the prison be an easy trope like the “hole to the next open cell” concept, so I went a step further and added another layer to the puzzle, climbing, that also teaches the player about using stacked objects as a means of getting to higher locations.

Constructing the Firepit. Had to create path nodes for the enemy AI to avoid the fire.

Constructing the Fire Pit. Had to create path nodes for the enemy AI to avoid the fire.

After leaving the prison, the player finds themselves looking into a burning pit of bodies with a lightly armed guard at the exit door. With no weapon, the player is helpless. Prominently sticking out of the pile of burning corpses, however, is a crowbar, forcing the player to take the plunge and deal with a few weak zombies before climbing the ladder out and dispatching the guard.

OB Lab

The guards in this room are not completely aware of their surroundings.

The next room allows the player to sneak in behind some armed guards to grab a gun from a table. Regardless of their approach, the player can now eliminate the guards with their new weapon before dealing with the zombies that come smashing through the containment chamber. Successfully eliminating the foes results in the quarantine on the exit being lifted and the door forward unlocking.  This battle was designed to help the player get accustomed to firing their firearm, as the enemies are slow and relatively close range combatants. It also provides just enough ammo and health to stay well in the green.

OB Antechamber

The room is large and open, but has many obstacles to allow for evading enemy attacks.

The final antechamber houses a large number of zombies and a powerful Poison Zombie. With ammo scattered around some crates, the player must skillfully dodge the Poison Zombie’s ranged assaults while killing the slower zombies. When the grim task is complete, the sound of shattering glass draws the player’s attention to a large window high off the ground. Using the crates from the room and their knowledge from the prison, the player constructs stairs to escape out into the courtyard. Here, a fast zombie (the one who broke the glass?) awaits to pounce and surprise the player before they can continue on to the next level, fully healed and stocked by items near the door.