Evan is an aspiring game designer who loves to paint smiles on faces. Graduating in 2014 at the top of his class at Champlain College of Vermont, Evan has acquired a BS in Game Design. He enjoys crafting the characters and worlds that make up gripping narratives, along with constructing levels and scenarios with the aim of instilling a certain mood within a player. In addition, he takes pleasure in conceiving new and interesting mechanics that he rapidly iterates on in search of fun.
When designing a game, he always tries to think like the player. What do they want to do? What do they find frustrating? What are their greatest dreams? While games are an incredible conduit for sharing stories, they are also meant to be a way for players to experience their own fantasies.
While specializing in game design, Evan also enjoys creating artwork, having taken many advanced art courses at Champlain and being a life long drawing enthusiast. Not a margin of homework paper was spared. With a passion for playing and analyzing games as a child, it is only natural that he yearns to create the very same machines of wonderment for new generations, eager to pass on his love of the medium.